Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Snow Family Session - Forever Bliss Photography - Utah Family Photographer - Utah Children's Photographer

When this cute Texas family contacted me all the mama wanted was a snowy Chirstmas Picture of her family.  Well it snowed today and we ran right out to do her pictures.  I love these guys and her adorable little dudes.   Here's a sneak peek from today........ ENJOY!

 photo small_christmas 460__edited-1__edited-1__edited-2_zpsfj9csw9s.jpg

 photo small_christmas 491__edited-1__zpskgzcytx5.jpg

32 week Preemie Twins - Forever Bliss Photography - Utah Twin Photographer - Twins - Utah Newborn Photographer - Utah Birth Photographer

My sweet niece and nephew are truly miracle babies in every way.  Their mom and dad have had to go down a long road to get them here and now that they are here they are loved more than they will ever know.  

 photo 34 weeks 2 5_zps2gdlvly2.jpg

They entered this world at 32 weeks Premature and had to spend some time in the NICU.    I was able to see them the day after they were born and the NICU was almost pitch black so its a miracle I was able to capture some clear pictures to remember how itsy bitsy they were.   

 photo 34 weeks 6_zpsrik2xipk.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 4_zpsei7syqkh.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 3_zpsoe1ei1bq.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 5_zps2bcrkeyc.jpg

A month later they were able to come into the studio and do a newborn session.  

 photo 34 weeks 2 4_zpsntyprqtt.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 2 3_zpsyyw1we6g.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 2 1_zpsgie8avwj.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 2 2_zpslnx9ap3e.jpg

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall is here and thriving! Utah Family Photographer - Utah Photographer - Forever Bliss Photography

Utah's fall is seriously blowing my mind!  The leaves and weather are seriously out of this world.  Now that its getting cooler I'm so glad we were able to go up to the mountains and capture this amazing family!

 photo Shreeve 8_zpsjrkojeci.jpg

 photo Shreeve 4_zpstbn76skl.jpg

 photo Shreeve 3_zpsaec3fwf1.jpg

 photo Shreeve 5_zpsbnbbuqlg.jpg

 photo Shreeve 2_zpsbkaylkuz.jpg

 photo Shreeve 1_zps3vo9igun.jpg

 photo Shreeve 7_zpskgob1haw.jpg

Baby Benz - Forever Bliss Photography - Utah Newborn Photographer - Newborn Photographer

Hello gorgeous baby boy!  Here's a little sneak peek for his mama :)

 photo small_new pics 333_12_zpsdomup3et.jpg

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Halloween Mini Sessions {Forever Bliss Photography} - Utah mini sessions - Utah Children's Photographer

This year I decided that I was going to try out Halloween mini sessions and we just had a blast.  This will definitely be an annual thing.  The kids loved them and I just loved seeing them in their adorable costumes.  

 photo New folder18_zps9ui7xcvw.jpg

 photo New folder19_zpsn4hicajm.jpg

 photo New folder17_zpsecmy9nbe.jpg

 photo New folder2_zpsovidq1fy.jpg

 photo New folder6_zpsony3kphh.jpg

 photo New folder16_zpskeir9qtp.jpg

 photo New folder4_zpse69ulyg1.jpg

 photo New folder5_zps58t6ereg.jpg

 photo New folder3_zpseyzs6el6.jpg

 photo New folder12_zpspazl1mwc.jpg

 photo New folder15_zpsiwjlxdcb.jpg

 photo New folder14_zps35jypsjg.jpg

 photo New folder13_zpssuk66wxl.jpg

 photo New folder1_zpsuuiyjqyk.jpg

 photo New folder11_zpsngi1mtcf.jpg

Leila turns 1 - Utah Children's Photographer - Utah Family Photographer - Utah Child Photographer - Cake Smash

This sweet girl wasn't too sure about me..... the a weird blonde lady jumping up and down to try and get her attention and not to mention it was 100 degrees.  :)   She had such a sweet personality and is gorgeous!

 photo Lelia turns 1 - 20152_zps3ws9nsjp.jpg

 photo Lelia turns 1 - 2015_zpstv65yoyq.jpg

 photo Lelia turns 1 - 20151_zpswfgwosnp.jpg

 photo Lelia turns 1 - 20153_zpsaqiztrcz.jpg

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Utah Family Photographer - Utah Child Photographer | Forever Bliss Photography

Okay never has my job been so easy with 5 young children and holy cow are they are so gorgeous!  I love how every child is stunning and has their own look, but they all look related.  This family is one of my favorites and it has been years since I've seen them.   It was so good catching up with these guys and I just adore them and if you need a good dentist Dr. Burt is your man!

 photo small_Burt Family 22_zpscvecj8vt.jpg

 photo New folder10_zpsm49cnbfv.jpg

 photo New folder11_zpsgeek5m5d.jpg

 photo New folder12_zpsahwdcl4b.jpg

 photo New folder14_zpsdtcgv3jf.jpg

 photo New folder13_zpslnyeozlj.jpg

 photo New folder17_zpsy8slka7e.jpg

 photo New folder8_zpsvpqsivh6.jpg

 photo New folder15_zpsqneti3i7.jpg

 photo New folder16_zpsn8ytm2ti.jpg

 photo small_Burt Family 23_zpsdn47vfrf.jpg

After so many years they finally had their little girl and it worked out that we could do a super girly mini one year session along with their family session.  Thanks so much to Happy Bubkin  for the adorable outfit and that amazing pink balloon.  :)

 photo New folder18_zpsjnbmm1p5.jpg

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