Tuesday, November 10, 2015

32 week Preemie Twins - Forever Bliss Photography - Utah Twin Photographer - Twins - Utah Newborn Photographer - Utah Birth Photographer

My sweet niece and nephew are truly miracle babies in every way.  Their mom and dad have had to go down a long road to get them here and now that they are here they are loved more than they will ever know.  

 photo 34 weeks 2 5_zps2gdlvly2.jpg

They entered this world at 32 weeks Premature and had to spend some time in the NICU.    I was able to see them the day after they were born and the NICU was almost pitch black so its a miracle I was able to capture some clear pictures to remember how itsy bitsy they were.   

 photo 34 weeks 6_zpsrik2xipk.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 4_zpsei7syqkh.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 3_zpsoe1ei1bq.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 5_zps2bcrkeyc.jpg

A month later they were able to come into the studio and do a newborn session.  

 photo 34 weeks 2 4_zpsntyprqtt.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 2 3_zpsyyw1we6g.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 2 1_zpsgie8avwj.jpg

 photo 34 weeks 2 2_zpslnx9ap3e.jpg

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